Bulk Campaigns (Emails & SMS)

Get in touch directly to the end user

When it’s done well, direct mail marketing is still one of the most powerful parts of the marketing mix. It’s where knowledge of your customers’ lifestyle and buying habits comes into play in the most effective way. Our top priority is to gather as much insight as possible and turn that into market building and target beating work. The empathy and understanding that comes from this insight lets us tap into customers’ needs, wants and desires to create a demand for your product or service.

Our direct marketing services only include online marketing, have reaped huge rewards for our clients and delivered remarkable return on investment.

  • In-house database (taken from the renowned communication data base companies i.e Etisalat & DU ) one of the largest data files in the UAE These services include:
  • Direct email marketing campaigns (on behalf of client)
    SMS marketing (bulk amount of sms campaign run sessional wise or periodically to promote business) very high response rate recommended. Today, DigiLanes has direct access to some of the most powerful, sophisticated, data capture and target profiling techniques and tools in the UAE. And using another old proverb, “Your best customer is your existing customer”, we offer unrivalled database management services for successful and profitable direct mail and email marketing.

Why Us?

DigiLanes is always willing to go the extra mile that brings out the best business relationships. DigiLanes always takes a holistic approach and of whatever scope a project is, it is given full attention and is handled with care. Why should you choose us:

  • We are Fast
  • We are Friendly
  • We are Robust
  • We are Creative
  • We are Affordable